My Journey

I was raised in Edison, New Jersey in an Italian-American household. My parents encouraged me and my two brothers to pursue anything in life with passion and drive no matter how difficult the obstacles seemed to be.

For me, those obstacles presented themselves at an early age in the form of learning disabilities including audio-visual perceptual impairment, dyslexia, and ADD. I academically suffered during a time when my private school was just beginning to understand how these disabilities were challenging to non-traditional learners. At 17, I failed my written driver's license test seven times, and I felt frustrated and exasperated. A high school guidance counselor once told me that with luck, I would work at McDonald's.

These early challenges developed in me a persistent drive and motivation to help other nontraditional learners and marginalized peoples gain access to opportunities to become successful in life.

My Philosophy

Many leaders struggle with feeling "stuck" professionally or in relationships that do not bring them joy or passion. I believe each of us has an individual path that we are destined for, but often our own "head chatter" gets in the way of our sense of wholeness and purpose.

I levy my diverse experiences and background and customize each plan of action with my clients. My brand of performance coaching helps you by creating a targeted action plan to move forward. In other words, performance coaching creates engagement to get things done.

My Experience

As a performance coach, I have helped bring clarity to C-level executives under pressure, analyzing their need and helping them craft solutions. I advised for-profit multi-million dollar companies and non-profit organizations (Heineken International, World Vision, University of the People, Fonkoze Bank) in development, branding, and employment issues.

I have worked internationally with companies looking to expand their brand and vision (USA, Panama, Dublin, Milan, Florence) as well as nationally with companies such as Rite Aid, QVC, Sight & Sound Theatres, Hershey Park, BMW, Humane League, HHGregg, and Pinnacle Health.

I have worked with organizations during transitional times, dealing with cultural, language, and community barriers (World Vision, The Connection Network Inc., Professionals for Higher Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership). In addition, I have assessed and developed plans to improve recruitment, marketing, and fundraising strategies in order to reach fiscal goals (Cavod Academy of the Arts, Education Management Corporation).

As an award-winning speaker, I have stood before multiple demographics and challenged them to believe in the world of possibilities (Education Management Corporation; Art Institutes). I have conducted workshops, seminars, and business training meetings in partnership with Messiah College, Millersville University, The Connection Network, Inc.

My experiences and background are as diverse as the roles I have chosen to align myself with: I have been a professional actor, international model, director of marketing, executive director, producing group member, successful entrepreneur, and international consultant.

As a business entrepreneur and Chief Operating Officer of Hertzog Homestead, LLC, my brand of empowerment within within my own business includes overall creative direction; yet I allow my staff to strategically collaborate to reach goals and objectives and encourage them to test them without judgment or fear of failure. The results have allowed me to quadruple our Bed & Breakfast capacity, open a Spa Cottage with holistic options, and restore and open the barn Event Venue within a decade.

My unique skill set and experiences have made me adaptable and able to see things from a unique perspective. I would love to chat about the possibilities of working with you.


Awards and Affiliations

  • 2017 Woman of Influence Award, Central Pennsylvania Business Journal
  • 2017 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence; Hertzog Homestead
  • 2016 News Maker, Central Pennsylvania Business Journal
  • 2014 Wells Fargo Community Connections Award
  • 2013 September Business Woman of Pennsylvania Magazine
  • 2012 - Present, Hope for Haiti Benefit Auction; Board of Directors
  • 2010 Governor Edward Rendell: Haitian Education Award
  • 2005 - 2010 Triple Crown Award; Education Management Corporation
  • 2005 - 2010 Quintessential Crown Award; Education Management Corporation
  • 2009 Summit Award of Excellence; Education Management Corporation
  • 2006 Bicentennial Farm and Home Award; Pennsylvania State Historical and Museum Commission; Hertzog Homestead