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Teambuilding Strategies – Performance Coach Kristen Hertzog

Welcome to our show more out of life and business with Kristen Hertzog. I’m a performance coach, speaker and I’m also an entrepreneur. Today we’re going to be talking about team building. As a coach I often find
myself talking with business leaders who are asking how they can get their team to be more connected, to be more passionate, to be more empowered so that they can fulfill their mission and goals as a company. This
stuff does not come on its own. Team building bringing together people of different experiences, backgrounds, and personalities; it’s all critical and it is all strategic, so today I’m gonna give you five team-building tips for you to think about.
The very first foremost thing that you want to know is that you have to accomplish an objective; no
matter what you choose to do with teambuilding, make sure there’s an end zone. So tip number one: volunteer together; do something great that makes everyone feel good. Volunteer at a homeless shelter; take a humanitarian trip, help out at a library or a school.  Depending on your business, you can incorporate something
related to what you do to that volunteer project, but whatever it is, make sure that your people are connected to it and understand its value and understand why it’s important to do it as a team.
Number two, get active. So many of us spend time behind the desk, on the phone, or working virtually at home. Get everybody outside and get them active; have a kickball game, a softball game. You might get a few eye
rolls and you know what? That’s okay. It has been proven that to get people active actually helps people to feel
better, not only mentally, but also physically; so create new teams, fun teams. Maybe your HR department is one team and your financial team is the opposing team; whatever works for you. Get creative and get them out there active together.
Number three: play mind games. Now I don’t mean evil mind games, but I mean get everyone together into a scavenger hunt or something fun and unique that’s related to your business; maybe you just rolled out a new project or a new product. You can actually use the scavenger hunt mentality to see who can get to that end result. Maybe it has something to do with how well they were listening in their last company meeting.
Number four: let them show their creative side. Have them cook something together, build something together have a competition where there’s voting and an actual prize at the end; make it fun, make it unique, but allow people who are a little bit more creative in ways they’re not using in the workplace to shine. You might be surprised who you have in your company that has that creative or artistic edge you didn’t know about.
Number five: take your team on a field trip get them out of the norm get them off the property and let them experience something new and different. Research has shown that when people get out of their normal environment, they’re open to talking about new ideas and seeing things in a different way. One of the unique things about my coaching is that I also own a business called Hertzog Homestead. It’s an award-winning
Bed and Breakfast, event venue, and spa cottage. I want to invite you that if  you’re looking for a unique location
combined with training from an experienced coach, I have the best of both worlds all in one place. You can
check it out at the Hertzog Homestead.
How do you help your team with team-building exercises? Send me a picture or a video of what you’ve done
recently to bring your team together and I’ll share it on an episode in the future.
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