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Serving others and providing opportunity has been the keystone to my motivation and passion.


Get more out of life and business with award winning speaker and performance coach, Kristen Hertzog.


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What Others Are Saying

Bonnie Bosso
Bonnie Bosso VP of Production Sight & Sound Theatres
Kristen always approaches her work with the utmost energy and professionalism. She has a strong drive to succeed, and welcomes any challenge that is put before her.
Tim Stanlake
Tim Stanlake Executive Producing Artistic Director/Founder at Springs Park Playhouse La Bonne Nouvelle
As I cautiously stepped into my current role of Executive Director for a newly launched live theatre concept in Lancaster County Pennsylvania this past Fall, I was fully aware and prepared for the creative demands and challenges I would potentially face. With 2 1/2 decades of experience in my field, the creative element was a no brainer. However, due to my lack of knowledge as it relates to the not-for-profit sector, I was lacking in many of the essential key skillsets necessary to run a successful and thriving 501C3. It is not a stretch to say that our theatre is still standing and growing in large part because of Kristen Hertzog’s leadership and business acumen. Though she comes with all of the appropriate Harvard Certifications and industry accolades, she is so much more than an exemplary business coach. From the moment she meets with you, you are very aware that she cares about you as a person first, and then your business second. She is confident in her ability, but never allows that to overstep the unique vision you bring to your project. She’s a quick thinker, an efficient problem solver, and her greatest strength is in her ability to draw from her past experiences in an effort to make your journey less challenging. I am so grateful for the level of continued guidance, support and heart she throws my way. If you’re feeling like something is missing in your business, I would bet money on Kristen Hertzog’s ability to move you through it and on into an amazing future both personally and professionally!
Wendy Raubenheimer
Wendy Raubenheimer Senior Director North Central Region, the Art Institutes
...Kristen conducted extremely effective presentations and went above and beyond in her work. I always wondered how she managed it all but she does it with grace and style. Kristen Hertzog is a fine woman and someone many adore and aspire to.