Helping the Hard Way: A Better Way of Doing Business

In this video, Kristen shares a personal story about what it means to help the hard way and how detrimental it can be to help the easy way. Helping the hard way is empowering and the impact can be long reaching.

We all want to make a difference in this world. We all want to be doing something that makes us feel good about being alive and helping others. Whether you’re working in for-profit business or a non-profit organization, sometimes it’s just easier to help the easy way.

The “Easy” Way

I’m an international business coach so I travel to other countries, particularly in the developing world in countries like Haiti, to offer business coaching to small business entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations. I’ve seen over the years how people help the easy way – creating a culture of dependency. For example, taking rice and throwing it out of the back of a pickup trucks to poor slum houses and receiving gratitude from the Haitian people. Maybe even getting a nice selfie picture of that American putting their arm around the Haitian who just received that bag of rice. That’s helping the easy way.

The “Hard” Way

But what about if we were to help the hard way? What if we were to invest in those people by offering training and long term solutions? What if we were able to help them problem solve their own issues so that they can eventually get their own job, to help themselves and their family?

For example, an easy idea for people to execute is to visit a country like Haiti with suitcases filled to the brim with donated items; Tylenol, baby shampoo, used clothes, books and supplies to give to the people. But what if we work smarter – a little harder – and created a business development plan?

My past visit to Haiti we did just that, we brought down those suitcases filled with items, but instead of giving them away, we conducted seminars on how to act in an interview. And then we conducted interviews. The people who did the best job with the information we gave them were offered those suitcases filled with items that they could turn around and sell to the public generating income – generating empowerment – and a more long term sustainability.

Empowerment and Long Term Solutions

It’s not changing the world overnight but I encourage you to help people the hard way. Are you offering trainings, customizable solutions, workshops, for people to get better at what they do? Or, are you just putting fires out?

I want to encourage you to work the hard way and find ways to empower your people so that they want to work with you and stay on, fulfilling your missions and goals as a company or an organization.

How does it work for you? What do you do to empower your people? What types of trainings do you provide? I’d love to hear from you. Comment below!

By Kristen

As a performance coach, I have helped bring clarity to C-level executives under pressure, analyzing their need and helping them craft solutions. I advised for-profit multi-million dollar companies and non-profit organizations in development, branding, and employment issues.

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